Frequently Asked Questions

1. What companies that hire your graduates?

Answer; Now in our  9th year of  Training in Travel and Tourism industry ,we have worked with hundreds of tour operators, Hotels  and Lodges, Ahsante Tours and Safaris, Domestic  Tourism Safaris Company,  Leopard  Tours, Simba  safaris,  Zara Tours and Adventures, Bushbuck Tours&Safaris, Tanzania Journey and many more.

2.What are the demographics of your college students?
Answer; The college students who attend one of the training programs provided by Udzungwa  Mountains College Trust  come from all areas and all walks of life. The youngest was over 20 and the oldest were in their seventies. Age is not a barrier nor is gender, beliefs, lifestyle, etc . Some were new to “career” education and seeking their certification while others had master’s or doctoral degrees.  Some of the college students from Udzungwa  Mountains College  Trust were already established  professionals  in the travel and tourism industry who wanted to expand their knowledge in their current positions while others were pursuing knowledge in a new field looking to change careers.  Our college  programs  are open to all peoples of the world.
3. What is the difference between a Tour Director and a Tour Guide?
  • You offer both certifications independently of each other. Why and which one is best for me?

Answer; First the “Why”; It is important to note that based on the current hospitality industry standards, the professions of Tour Director and Tour Guide require different training,  knowledge and certifications.

  1. A Tour Director is also called a Tour Manager and,  in some parts of the world,  an Escort or Courier. Tour operators hire Tour Managers (or Tour Directors) whose responsibilities are varied and comprehensive.  Tour Directors travel with the group that has been organized by the tour operator.  They stay at the same hotels, eat the same meals,  go on the optional excursions, etc. They are responsible for the daily activities and to insure that what the passengers have paid for happens in a manner that is acceptable to the passengers and that the passengers have the “vacation of a lifetime”. The international Tour Director program covers both domestic and international tours. If you want to be a Tour Director, whether working in the in the United Republic of Tanzania or other countries, that is the course to take. This is what 95 percent of our college students take.
  2. A Tour Guide/ Safari Guide – provides local expertise and does walking tours, step – on motor coach narration in their city, meets and greets at an airport, work at seminars and conventions, etc. They are hired by Destination Management firms.  Another way of looking at it is that Tour guides are rarely away from home at night while Tour Directors travel with the groups and are away from home.
4.  Briefly,  what is the history of your college?

Answer: Udzungwa Mountains College Trust started in 2008 and conducted courses throughout Tanzania.  Very important is that the Tour operating companies throughout the United Republic of Tanzania know our college and hire our graduates.

What if I am unhappy with the course?
Alliance’s Up to Us engagement pathway a series of programs
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Alliance’s Up to Us engagement pathway a series of programs
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